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Johnny Bardavid



The sage asked his disciples:

“Bring me a strainer full of water”

 Perplexed, the disciples couldn’t fulfill his desire.

The sage took a container full of water and put the strainer inside.

What do I mean by this, asked the sage?

“Well… it’s another way of thinking for solving a problem” said one of his disciples.

“Exactly!” said the sage.

“What does this make you think?”

Hesitatingly, the disciple answered:

Well, the water… is like the information we receive. If we don’t take advantage of it,  it would go unnoticed like the water through the strainer.

“Very good, how could you take advantage of this information”, asked the sage?

Other students raised their hands.

“Take turns”

Teaching others!

“Very good, what else?”

Using the information to solve a situation!

“Excellent, what else?”

¡Using the idea to DETONATE new ways of thinking!

“¡Exactly!”said the teacher. “This is called LATERAL THINKING, which is an indirect, not obvious but creative ways to solve problems, and attract ideas or new ways of reasoning WHICH ARE NOT EASILY FORGOTTEN AND WOULD NOT POP UP IN OUR MINDS THINKING LOGICALLY.”

This parable teaches new ways of thinking.

In my book “Conversations With my Higher Self”, I give many examples of Lateral Thinking which I call “Mental Detonators.” It is already published worldwide and you can buy it through Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, etc.

I suggest you invest in this book!

If you apply the cost-benefit approach, it would be one of the best investments you can possibly make.

Affectionately Johnny Bardavid

“Conversations with my higher self”

Available at:

Amazon, iTunes, Google Play

About marriage

Fragment of the book:
“Conversations with my Higher Self”

by Johnny Bardavid

In what other ways have you been sabotaging your marriage?

 “Let me think. How I can explain this? Well, maybe it’s because my father was very authoritarian. He frequently manipulated my mother into submission with long periods of silence and indifference.”

And how did that affect you?

 “I don’t know, maybe I just inherited the same behavior. I have been punishing my wife with silence and indifference. Many days go without my saying a word to her, as if she does not exist. I don’t do it on purpose; it just comes naturally to me.”

 You are justifying yourself. Do you think you can’t be blamed because your father had such an attitude?

  “I believe so.”

The alcoholic, the thief, the authoritarian, the arrogant, the scornful, cannot hide behind a smokescreen.

  “What do you mean by that?”

 You are deceiving yourself by thinking that you are not responsible for your behaviors because you inherited them.

 “Yes, I think that’s so. We have it in our blood.”

 Yes, those behaviors can be inherited or, more properly, adopted by contagion at home. However, those mental programs are always susceptible to change. You will learn more about this now that you are starting to observe and understand the universal law of attraction, which never fails, just like the law of gravity.

 Violence, contempt, haughtiness in your voice, and aggression through silence are all manifestations of the agony of reason. You attract resentments, and as they accumulate, they destroy any relationship. You become your own worst enemy. You become the thief of your happiness and the main obstacle to your economic progress. Surely you have a similar attitude in your job.

  “Yes, I’ve behaved like that with my two subordinates. And now that you mention this, I understand better how the law of attraction works. It cannot be changed or corrupted.

I have been attracting the negative attitudes and behaviors that I have been personally expressing at home and at work.

“Sometimes, when I have been angry, I’ve shouted at, insulted, and even violently pushed my wife. But, you know, she has also gotten upset frequently. She has underestimated my efforts, my job, my monthly income. She has constantly belittled me, and many times I’ve felt useless.”

 Nobody can make you feel useless unless you accept that others are the architects of your destiny.

“You are right, Master Louis. I hadn’t thought about it that way.”

 When you spoke to me about your subordinates’ behavior you used an excellent phrase: “The law of universal attraction can’t be changed or corrupted.” But immediately afterward, you were justifying yourself again.

 Remember, when you point a finger at others, three other fingers point at you. From your point of view, you should always consider yourself responsible for all of your actions and everything that happens to you.

 The easiest thing to do is to blame others for your failures or your behaviors, without noticing that in reality you are the cause of everything that happens to you.

“I still find that concept difficult to accept. In my dealings with others, they should be blamed sometimes.

I can’t understand how it is that I always have to take responsibility for what happens to me.”

 Don’t pretend to carpet your life’s path. You’d better put on shoes!

“What do you mean by that?”

 Don’t try to get help (put a rug) on your life’s path. Instead, you’d better put on shoes (learn to face and solve your problems).

“It is still not very clear to me.”

 Don’t send to the psychologist everyone whom you have a conflict with. It is better to change your attitudes and the way you see life in general. This way it will be easier for you to find your own peace of mind and your own internal tranquility. These are invaluable for you. Nobody can take them away.

“Do you mean that I should analyze my attitudes and the ways in which I express myself before I go blaming others?

Are you implying that I should correct my mistakes first?”

 Among many other things, yes! When you change the  way you look at things, the things you look at change. You are always the master of your own destiny!

“Conversations with my higher self”

Available at:

Amazon, iTunes, Google Play

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Your Thoughts

Are your thoughts oriented
towards abundance and well being?

(From the book: “Awaken your potential”)
by: Johnny Bardavid

“Thoughts are like the wind.
We cannot see or touch them, but we can always observe the results of their presence”.

Wayne Dyer.

Thinking is what we do most in life. We are in constant dialogue with others or with ourselves

How can you tell if your thoughts guide you towards abundance and well-being?

Paying attention to your achievements
and the feelings and emotions they generate!

When your thoughts are in the same vibratory frequency as your desires, your expectations, your fears, your hopes…
As a vibratory consequence, you will tend to attract their manifestation.

If you aspire to solve financial, family or health problems and your thoughts are trusting, longing, hopeful and full of faith, you will tend to attract, by the law of resonance, the circumstances, persons, ideas, inspiration, creativity, ingenuity necessary, to materialize the desired results.

On the other hand, if you face these problems, with dominant thoughts of doubt, fear, and resentment, which are not in the same vibratory frequency of your desires, your emotions will be of worry, despair, abandon, pessimism, discouragement, anxiety, insecurity, rage, violence or anger and as a vibratory consequence, you will not attract their possible solutions, thus becoming your own worst enemy.

As you become aware of your emotions, you will always know if you are in command or not of your life.

You will not tend to blame other people, situations or circumstances for your failures.

Your emotions will always be the extraordinary compass that will let you know how you are directing your life.

“To find the shortest path

Towards the achievement of your desires,
Focus on the final result,
 Not on how you will achieve it.

Trust the universe”

Mike Dooley

With our thoughts, we can turn our life into a beautiful garden or a thicket full of thorns…

Observe your emotions!

How are you directing your life?

Text extracted from the book
“Awaken your potential” –
by   Johnny Bardavid

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